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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with a satellite office in Dublin, Ohio, Harness By Hextall produces custom automotive harnesses which allow late model Ford owners to upgrade their vehicle with features that were only offered with certain “Premium” packages as opposed to individual options. Our most popular product is our conversion kit that upgrades the 4” SYNC system to the superior Sync 3 multimedia systems with 8” touchscreen. However, we aren’t simply a Sync 3 specialist! Our company specializes in many different areas of vehicle integration as well as providing our customers with project planning and consultation. Whether you’re looking to add aftermarket amplifiers or heated and cooled seats to your 2017 Mustang or simply upgrade your MyFordTouch unit to Sync 3 in your 2015 F150, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with seamless solutions created with high quality parts and expertly crafted harnesses. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every customer and can support your projects unique requirements.

Our sales and engineering staff have been over 25 years experience in automotive engineering and parts operations for Ford Motor Company, Honda R&D Americas, General Motors and Allison Transmission. We’re committed to producing the highest quality products at affordable prices using only genuine components, —all to give you exceptional products that will last for years to come.

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Current Products


4” Sync to 8” sync 3 kits

Our high quality kits include our new hand built integration harness, telemetry antenna, genuine Ford USB Cables and Media Hub, new “Recaro” heater control bezels and the new, more capable APIM and Touchscreen from 2018. No useless heated seat buttons or used bezels, and NO Chinese products.



Want to install and program a kit yourself? We can provide harnesses, antennas and configuration data to make your install a breeze.


2013-2016 MFT to sync 3 kits

Already have a vehicle with an 8” touchscreen? We make it easy to update your Mustang, Focus or F150 to the latest generation of Sync 3! Kits are complete and require no additional programming. As always we use genuine OEM parts and hand build each harness. We currently support most MFT replacements.


Project Planning

Seeking advice on which digital signal processor or amplifier you need? Curious about speaker replacements? Need installation or sound tuning advice? We can help.


aftermarket integration

Ford’s outstanding ACM measured better than a $1200.00 aftermarket head unit in a head to head test. Take advantage of Sync 3 functionality and the sound quality of the stock ACM with one of our new RCA conversion harnesses. For easy plug and play integration of your aftermarket components.

Future projects

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